Things to Avoid

A holiday can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not careful. We have compiled our top list of things to consider when out and about in Amsterdam.

  • Taking a tram without a ticket You can buy a strip of tickets, strippenkaart, which you self validate on board.  Strippenkaarts can be bought at train stations, newsagents, post-offices and other outlets. Single tickets can also be bought form the driver or conductor but these will cost a bit more. If you get caught without a ticket it will cost you €60 so Cheap Amsterdam’s advice is get ticketed up.
  • Parking in the centre Parking in Amsterdam is very difficult and expensive with strict parking regulations.  The clampers work 24/7 and seem to love foreign cars. A yellow sticker on the car window will tell you where to pay the fine, €67 to get the clamp removed. If you don’t pay the fine within 24 hours your car will be towed away. Best advice is to find a cheap hotel in Amsterdam city centre and walk everywhere.
  • Avoid walking in the bicycle lane  Bicycle lanes are normally clearly marked with a bicycle symbol. To avoid getting knocked down or driving the local cyclists mad don’t walk on or stand in bike lanes. When you hear the bell get out the way quickly.
  • No smoking in trains Smoking is not allowed on trains, in stations, on platforms and in waiting areas. If you smoke look out for the designated smoking pillar. The fine for smoking outside the designated area is €25. Get caught throwing your butt away on the platform you’ll be fined €40.
  • Don’t take pictures of the ladies in the Red Light District  A bit of a no-brainer this one, so keep your camera in your pocket, respecting the privacy of both clients and service providers.
  • Don’t smoke weed in public  Not only is it illegal but its is also very unsafe. Stoating about Amsterdam stoned can very hazardous if you consider all its canals, trams, mad cyclists and buses. Cheap Amsterdam, for obvious reasons, recommends that if you are going to partake in these types of substances then do so in the safety and privacy of a coffeshop. Remember don’t be tempted to take anything back with you. Full cavity searches, enough said!
  • Watch out for dodgy street sellers  You may find that dodgy looking characters will try and speak to you about bargain bikes or good quality weed. Don’t entertain them at all. Firstly the bikes will be stolen, secondly the drugs will be rubbish and thirdly you may end up getting robbed. The police patrol well known hotspots and if you get caught buying stuff you end up in deep trouble.

Please don’t let anything spoil your cheap Amsterdam holiday. By keeping your wits about you and paying particular attention to the above you’ll understand why so many people look for cheap flights to Amsterdam- to enjoy the city as often as possible.

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